Variegated Golden Pothos plant in a 10" pot. The Heart shapes leaves have a yellow hue. Hanging plant that does need to get pruned to prevent it from getting leggy. Leaves only form on the new growth so pruning helps keep the plant fuller. It will not climb.

  • Difficulty Level: Easy. Great plant for beginners. 
  • Light: Pothos thrive in low light
  • Indoor plant they prefer bright indirect light 
  • Water: Pothos like to have their soil dry out completely between watering. If left continually in damp soil, the roots will rot. Let the plant tell you when to water. When it starts to droop, it needs a good drink. Don’t wait until the leaves start to shrivel or you will lose some leaves.
  • PruningTrim long stems to keep the plant looking full. Cuttings can be rooted in water or vermiculite and used to start new plants
  • Fertilize: Pothos aren’t heavy feeders, but since there are no nutrients in most potting soils, feed monthly to bi-monthly.
  • Air PurityNASA lists potho plants as a "Clean Air Plant" that helps remove harmful chemicals like formaldehyde from the air.