aqua vessle with red, purple and green blooms
aqua and red floral centerpiece with citrus crush illume candle aqua vessle with red, purple and green blooms bright red amaryllis with other blooms in aqua vase

Full of seasonal blooms in the red, coral, and purple color scheme with accents of pampas grass.  The ceramic aqua vase is beautiful keep sake color.  

Flowers + Flowers is a gift set option that includes this stunning candle described below.

Citrus Crush

"A darling addition to the Go Be Lovely collection, the Lidded Ceramic features a custom, hand painted pattern with a bold colored base across all five collection fragrances. A brushed metal lid adds just the right amount of glam while doubling as a candle snuffer and wax protector."


Sun-ripened citrus groves surround a blend of mandarin, grapefruit, summer fruit, and just a hint of sandalwood.

BURN TIME: 50 Hours
FILL WEIGHT: 11.1 oz/315g